The End

by Amber Crocker 2 years ago in sad poetry

This is the end for us.

The End

This is the end

for us.

It is time to

fight for what

we believe in.

If we die tonight,

don't you worry,

'cause it won't be in

vain and in time your

glory will be honored.

From the start, I

always knew that this would

be hard. Effort had

to be put in before

any good could be taken out.

Nothing would be easy

and nothing would be freely given.

Once you get past

the blandness, you come

to realize it's not for nothing.

We've come too far for

our efforts to be null.

This is the end

for us,

Do you hear me?

Not afraid to die,

Not afraid to fight.

Take flight, get away

before the worst begins.

You wouldn't want to

be here when this

all begins.

sad poetry
Amber Crocker
Amber Crocker
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