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The Elken Wolf in the Waking Glen

Dream Journal Poetry, Vol. I

By Orion J. ZedPublished 6 months ago 2 min read
The Elken Wolf in the Waking Glen
Photo by Jonathan Larson on Unsplash

This is an experimental piece, one that blends dream journalling with poetry in some form. If there’s enough interest, I’ll make this a regular and/or recurring format on my profile; if not, I may still do so from time to time, if there’s enough motivation to do so.

With that out of the way, I offer a small peek into my dreams, The Elken Wolf in the Waking Glen. I hope you enjoy!


Then, after watching some pretty hilarious abridged series online, I decide to have a little snack…

Curiously, I notice the food in my hands, its outer edge, pattern, and texture, strongly resemble that of a rhinoceros…

Turning it to a different angle reveals the visage of a completely different type of mammal; rotating it a third way yields yet another…

Returning it to its original position, I give a little shrug, the corner of my mouth upturned in amusement, before deciding to tuck in…


Noticing the curious, wolf-like creature who’s approached, sniffing around as though a family pet begging for scraps of this puzzling food…

“Ah! Apbapba! Off you go.”

The creature, undeterred, backs away ever-so-slightly, before its gentle face sneaks in for another whiff…


“Apbapba! Ayadtadtadta!”

Looking back at this bizarre food, its shape and form resembling so many things, I shift slightly in my seat, the back of an enormous elk, as the wolf once more zooms in for a…


Overwhelmed by a strong feeling of duty and disappointment, yet in knowing this is the right thing to do, I lay down the food, hop off the elk, and retreat slowly with a sigh…

“Alright… there you go.”

The creature’s head tilts with curiosity, and a tiny, guttural, somewhat adorable groan emerges as they stare at me… what else can I do but smile and nod at this gentle sweetheart?

“Take it. Go on, it’s yours. Really.”

Curiously, the creature, now revealed to be a chimeric hybrid of wolf and elk traits, apparently both the one who sought the food and the one who supported my weight…


Seemingly bowing their head, the elken wolf calmly and gracefully turns and leaves the sun dappled glen, leaving me awestruck and a little baffled as to what transpired…

Then, as I draw back into the waking world, another day looming into view, the same unfulfilled promises and dreams playing all over again, a single word chimes silently in my mind…


surreal poetry

About the Creator

Orion J. Zed

You’ve heard of the Many Worlds Theory? Well, Orion J. Zed has imagined hundreds of worlds in his creative endeavours, many of which are documented in some form.

He rarely refers to himself in the third person other than “About Me” sections.

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