The Earth and Itself

by davion . about a year ago in nature poetry

A Poem

The Earth and Itself

The earth and itself, so beautiful .. yet full of many wonders and surprises... We long for that ideal life, just as ideal as a rose on a sunny day. Things happen, and then we feel different. We don't long for that ideal life, we just want life to get better. The earth is so big, of course, but it is too small for my thoughts. So many things I want to accomplish on this earth, leave my "mark"... The earth and itself is filled with so much, that I have yet to discover. This world is what you might call two-faced.. so dark, yet also so bright. Many things happen on this earth, good and bad, but it manages to hold itself together. This earth and itself is merely everything that we need... we take this earth for granted at times, not realizing how it came to be and who made it. The earth is lovely, so pure, and dark, all in one.. how fascinating that can be for people... people who take wonders upon this earth.

nature poetry
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