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The Dream Thief

Crushing hope by dismantling one aspiration at a time.

By Danielle Elizabeth AndrewsPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 2 min read
The Dream Thief
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Bitter and cold.

She claims a heart, but what of a soul?

Her selfish ways are out of control.


She’ll suck you in without warning.

Like the mud in the salt marsh

She’ll hold on with all that she’s got.


Water rises from below,

Tread fast, avoid her suction,

As the damage she’s done is conveniently forgot.


Beware, even if you manage to remain afloat.

She’ll manage to kill you

But trust me on this, it’ll be slow.


I think she thrives when we flounder.

Her guilt trips, the bitterness,

And relentless emissions of poison…

They are all that I know.


She’s kept me locked in her toxic chamber.

Unable to break away without her petulant pouting.

Followed by the condemnations.


She’s so toxic

She’s a one-woman invasion.

I can’t seem to fix her.


There’s no way to make her see

That the trouble here is with her.

Although she’d prefer to blame you and me.


She’ll bind you with her terribly toxic tethers

Smother you with negativity

Until it’s only darkness that you can see.


Breaking away would be such a welcome relief.

Instead, I’m trapped here

Day in. Day out.


Buried under her grief.

She’s smothered my dreams.

Told me I’d never get it right.


To nitpick and humiliate

Are her preferred methods of attack.

Whittle your confidence until you visibly deteriorate.


She’ll come for your dreams

As she’s squandered her own.

She’s stolen mine away like a thief in the night.


Truly the worst kind of thief

She’s the thief of dreams.

Unmoved by even the most heartbroken screams.


What do you do when the one who’s poisoning you

Is the one who’s meant to take care of you?

The one you should be able to rely on?


Instead, you’re faced with insidious leeching,

Their angry screeching,

While you’re tirelessly beseeching.


“Let me go.

Just walk away.

Leave us be.’’


Yearning for freedom

From her depressing kingdom

Set me free.


I’m down on my knees

Why do you forsake me?

I’m asking you, please.


Your bitter soul insists on reaping its daily toll

Skeletal fingers tear open a hole

My joy seeps out.


Is this to be my lifelong role?

I’m drained and diminished

Rundown and belittled.


My happiness, dreams, and confidence you’ve whittled

To nothingness.

You make me feel worthless.



All of my dreams deleted.

Now I stand before you truly defeated.

. . .

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