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The dream of a little mouse

Rats are not greedy creatures

By channel anak kecilPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
The dream of a little mouse
Photo by Svetozar Cenisev on Unsplash

"Poking around in the garbage, hoping for even just a few meager crumbs of food, the little mouse scurried here and there.

"Are humans really so miserly?" the mouse muttered to itself, "that there's nothing left for me?"

Humans, it seemed, were insatiable creatures, taking whatever they could lay their eyes on. They devoured asphalt and consumed iron, even feasting on rotting meat. Meanwhile, they begrudged even the tiniest of scraps.

Why did they always cast blame on me? I was just one of God's creatures, trying to survive. Those corrupt office rats were the real culprits. "It's bizarre," thought the mouse, "this world is truly mad."

Some were obsessed with climbing the corporate ladder, others with flaunting excessive jewelry; they were all consumed by their own forms of madness. Even the most insane among them couldn't keep up with the stockpiles of their own lunacy.

May God judge them accordingly. What seems like success in this world doesn't necessarily guarantee safety in the hereafter.

Let me remain a humble, unpretentious mouse, not a cog in the corporate machine. For now, a mouse's simple dream is just to have enough to eat."

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