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The Dragon on My Right Thigh is Green

And she tells an impossible dream

By Kaia Maeve TingleyPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
The Dragon on My Right Thigh is Green
Photo by Kumiko SHIMIZU on Unsplash

I was programmed as heterosexual.

Plain old white, boring, socially contextual.

Then I went inside to explore,

And found oh so much more!

Now I'm colorfully heteroflexible.

As for black and white monogamy?

It’s like soul-sucking social phlebotomy.

Get all your needs met here!

says the lie of the year,

I'm so glad my husband's not stupid, see?

Finally, about that dratted hamster wheel…

And our cultural race to WIN, not feel.

We think we’re so smart,

Making interesting arts,

But let’s start to focus on what is REAL!

The dragon on my right thigh is green,

And she’s telling an impossible dream.

Of a world full of color

Where we could all love each other

Please don’t tell me it’s aught but a dream.

(c) Kaia Tingley


social commentary

About the Creator

Kaia Maeve Tingley

Kaia Tingley is a writer, artist, podcaster, digital strategy nerd, and sometimes hot-tempered supernova with a wild, free soul.

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