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The door

A party from the perspective of the door

By Jolene PoulinPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The door
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Ding dong

Goes the sound of my song

People are waiting

Is what I am saying

Knock knock

I announce with a shock

Someone is here

Is what I say, dear

Scrape brush

I open in a rush

People come in

Let the party begin

Click clack

When you put me back

Open and shut

I'm back in my rut

Scrape clock

The sound of my lock

Safe once again

I wait here 'til ten

Clock scrape

I'm opened, agape

People are leaving

Their boots they're retrieving

Creak creak

I let out a squeak

While you lean against me

Watching your friends flee

Brush scrape

I close the escape

You're alone once more

Without those you adore

Rattle shake

My handle's awake

A friend's come back

For a hug, they do lack

Scrape brush

I open with a hush

For a friendly embrace

That you did misplace

Knock knock

I announce with a shock

Your friends are returning

The party renewing

Brush scrape

No longer agape

Your friends are inside

Your smile, you cannot hide.

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About the Creator

Jolene Poulin

I'm an amateur writer with an interest in fiction and general story telling.

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