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The Definition of happiness

And see the upward and downward forces of life

By John WilsonPublished 9 months ago 1 min read

Open the window, the morning sunshine was met by me

Sand meet, wind running also can not stop the spring, has come

Popsicles are colorful and swaying in the wind

Her beauty is beyond measure

I see food still growing in the ground

And see the upward and downward forces of life

I think,

Those turbulent winds, those changing clouds are not happiness

Those distant dreams, those who love but not happiness

Those who can not touch, can not feel are not happiness

Happiness is touch, it is perception

Happiness is a wish, is satisfied

Flowers in bloom, is happiness

The breeze touches my face, is happiness

The sunset is happiness

Oil salt sauce vinegar, is happiness

Dusk, cook a pot of warm porridge!

Late at night, read a love poem!

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John Wilson

I am a freelance writer and I hope my articles will give you pleasure

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