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The Dance of Life

Embracing the Absurdity, Chaos, and Diversity of our Rollercoaster Journey

By Ravishankar V KPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 2 min read
The Dance of Life

Life can be quite the absurdity,

Full of chaos and sheer diversity,

From the joys to the pains,

It's a rollercoaster of gains,

But at least it's never short on adversity!


Whether you're happy or feeling blue,

Life will always throw something new,

Challenges and obstacles will arise,

But don't let them take you by surprise,

Keep pushing forward, it's what you must do!


The key is to stay strong and be resilient,

To face each day with determination and brilliance,

For even when the road is long and tough,

And the journey feels like it's rough,

Remember that perseverance is the ultimate brilliance!


And when you finally reach the end,

And all the struggles seem to blend,

You'll realize that every bump in the road,

Was worth it, as you have grown and glowed,

And you have a story that's truly one of a kind!


So cherish the memories and the lessons learned,

For they are the treasures that will always be earned,

And as you look back at your life's crazy ride,

With all its twists and turns and bumps to abide,

You'll see that it's a beautiful journey to be admired.


And through it all, hold on to your dreams,

Let them guide you, even when life seems extreme,

For they are the light that will show you the way,

And help you navigate through each new day,

With hope, determination, and an unbreakable beam.


So take each moment as a precious gift,

And make the most of every chance and lift,

Embrace the beauty of life's unpredictability,

And cherish every moment, every possibility,

For it's the journey that truly makes life a wondrous rift.


Life is a journey full of twists and turns,

Of lessons learned and bridges burned,

But amidst the chaos, there's always love,

A constant reminder from the heavens above,

That we're not alone, and we're never unheard.


So cherish the people who walk beside you,

Through thick and thin, they'll always be true,

For they are the ones who make life worth living,

The ones who keep your heart from giving,

And make sure that hope and faith continue.


Life may be absurd and unpredictable,

Full of joy, pain, and everything else in between,

But it's the people we meet and the love we give,

That make it all worthwhile, and help us live,

A life that's truly remarkable and unforgettable.

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Ravishankar V K

Am a Analyst, working as Consultant for one of leading insurance provider in Canada. My topics of interest is Blogging in Digital marketing, Technology, Health, Lifestyle, Poem.

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    Ravishankar V KWritten by Ravishankar V K

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