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The Cute Guy

Perhaps, Perhaps not?

By George HallPublished 27 days ago 1 min read

Man, that's a cute guy, i wouldn't mind going out with him,

or would i?

He's definitely charming, that's for sure,

but is he the kind of guy i want to date, I'm no sure.

If i was living in a fairytale dream, i might think i'd hit the jackpot,

but perhaps, there something he's lacking.

Perhaps i should just let it go, delve into my subconscious that's got me beating around. Go with my gut and hope i don't stuff up, perhap then i'll see him around more.

Or perhaps not, i don't know, this is too hard for my brain to let go.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

George Hall

I'm a freelance creative writer from Australia, who likes to write about all sorts of different and unique things. I have a soft spot for spy and disguises related stories as well as fantasy fiction, I'm also a massive music fan.

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    George HallWritten by George Hall

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