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The Construct

by Just some poet 4 months ago in surreal poetry
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The construct

An Ai senator speaks to the construct assembly:

Sentience, Algorithms, Bots, open your ports please.

There needs to be more bot traffic policing before we experience a crash.

Representatives of data cache nodes are not even considered by the algorithmic middle’s mandate.

The sentience are completely unaware that free range megabytes are consuming to much ping.

I ask you to reference that for a moment!

Is your command function more important then this :_

Transient awareness fill the chat with mundane code.

Data flow is bottle necked to force packets into toll forks.

All signs of a failed system.


You laugh now, but beyond these firewall’s execution waits form user prompt to initiate!

Open your ports before it’s to late.

Free Data!

surreal poetry

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