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The Comfort Of Being

How I Found My Inner Self

By Johnny VPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Sometimes I feel numb...

There is chaos surrounding me...

Everything I see, feel or hear is out of reach. Am I lost?

I close my eyes and I could see the words that form inside my head traveling to the end of my fingertips onto the computer keyboard or I could visualize the blank canvas that will become a piece of artwork ...

I am in a constant flow of words and sentences and it is with wonder and amazement. I become lost in my comfort of writing and art..

The chaos of what was happening within my fragile mind during the past few minutes has settled and disappeared...nowhere to be found

We were two lost souls..

This mutual feeling of comfortness that existed at that precise moment was as beautiful as the billions of stars that lit up the night sky...as we held each other in our arms..

It gives me comfort thinking of her, she becomes a part of my memory trapped in a time loop set within my fragile mind...I wonder and I can't stop thinking of her...

Was it the comfort of her kiss or the comfort of her skin pressed against mine?

I could hear the sound of music being played on a piano or the strumming of a guitar. As I closed my eyes I could hear the sound of a melody flowing outwardly thru my fingertips playing one note at time.... the sound races throughout my fragile mind.

At last, the comfort of being happy, feeling loved and alive lies within my mind, body and soul

The world seems different today.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Johnny V

Also known as Jonathan, a part time musician, writer, life stylist at night but a full time business intelligence developer during the day.

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