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The colors within

(emotions inspired by color)

By FernandoPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

What makes me unique,

It’s hard to think,

I go blank, like I’m taking a blink.

Fevered passion, like the color of love

Passion red hot, keeps me warm like a glove.

But I’m only human, sometimes I feel down

Get visited by the blues, like that melancholy sound.

And I think of brown, as I stare at the ground,

All the treasures within, isn’t it so profound,

You plant a seed, and it grows to a height,

With fruits in every color, for you to take a bite.

You dig it deep, and gold you can find,

the brown earth is full, so much value inside.

Then there’s nature, and its calming effect,

With its hues of green, I’m in debt with every breath.

The color of life, but there’s a side most try to hide,

Being green with envy, can make for a very bumpy ride.

And then there’s yellow, like that bright shining orb,

I hit the beach, where its rays I absorb.

No yellow belly, I don’t act timid

It’s a law I’ve set, and it’s kind of rigid.

All things, aren’t black and white,

So I settle on the grey,

A colorful life, is truly what’s on display.

nature poetry

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Hi, I really like to express my self through creative writing. I basically like to paint pictures with words, always on the look out for engaging writing in any subject.

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