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The Colors of my Art


By Facundo RaganatoPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Rain of Colors - Facundo Raganato

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I take my humility as my pride,

and whether something makes me

happy, sad or in pain,

I take everything to my Art;

so the alchemy of creation allows

the world to take part

in the ups and downs of my life;

whether it is in ink, in piano keys, in acrylic

or through something I design,

the essences that my soul experiences

takes it in, and then expresses it out.

Yet, although, don’t forget, somehow

I let it feel it in my heart

and, of course, polish it with my mind;

for the balance of a harmonious aesthetic in art

is as important as the intention of my communication.

So without further ado,

Let me take you on a ride

through the spectrum of my artistic introspection

in a poem I chose to title:

“The Colors of my Art”

If a color must be chosen

to represent what makes me me,

then from the wheel of light

you will fall on Green.

Whether is it light and bright as lime,

or shaded dark and deep like jungle night,

its brightness will not differentiate;

my natural state is as passive and as home

as any Green can wrap you close,

nurturing you in, like a palm that embraces you

making you feel at peace;

with the ground of the grass,

I’d let you be,

and listen to what you have to say,

whatever it is,

because if I were a tree,

my branches would be reliable,

for you to climb to see,

that I don’t mind, as long as you reach

you soul’s purpose, and your dreams,

I’ll help you; that is my Green.

Now, don’t get me started on passion,

mild I might appear to be

until my fingers let a piano play,

fire burns in Red to the music I compose,

with flutes and violins, and it will blaze

the whole planet if it must,

for once I start finding the right notes,

nothing will stop me

like my taurus bull who sees Red,

It will combust until the song is composed,

or the poem written, which is the same thing,

and then time to celebrate,

we’ll add some Orange to express my joy,

I will laugh and smile all happy;

Red is the flame that my passion burns.

However, Burgundy it could go,

with my classical seriousness, I mean;

with the Black from The Author.

Refined art claims respect, you see,

so please show some manners to it.

I pay tribute as I bow to my artistic ancestors,

so my wildness is turned dark for this crimson hall,

where there are rules to honor, and ethics to the name.

So you better pay attention then,

don’t disrespect, and be true to your intentions, sir, ma’am.

Hey but life’s short, my Yellow would say;

taking risks to go here, try that,

say what I really want to say;

My sagittarius brightness allows me to play,

as the sun shines on that free day,

I’ll continue to radiate Light;

all love and friendship everywhere

for everyone, as much as I can!

Now, what about Magic?

How is it that I appear to be an old soul,

or so they say.

Well, that’s my Purple being confined in what I know,

and how I adore to study about us, humans, you know;

Who we are and where do we come from?

This is where my Violet is going into reflection,

and transmutation happens with alchemy and wisdom I hold,

like a cape of grape that I wear,

I stand proud to respond:

“Yes, I know. Try this way,”

Wizard’ they say.

Yes, but I don’t like to brag, not at all,

my humility is my pride, as I said before,

and I don’t claim to be anything I’m not.

I just use the Blue of this magical Purple

to reach out to those living in this world.

If this Blue is light as sky

or deep as sea,

we all have our shades,

and this one puts me here, to share:

“Here you are my brother, sister, friend.”

Let’s find a middle ground we can all stay,

for the world is a big boat

and we better find a way to live in peace

as we keep rowing on,

because this is the Blue

that holds me close to you,

through this world,

and what a better way it is

to go and live it

rowing together.

So that’s it, that’s how I roll.

Say what you will with your critique,

I write true to words, and that makes me unique.

These colors show a bit of who I am

by sharing the Art I’m proud of,

and how much I care for others

by keeping the world always in mind;

“What does the future hold?”

What can this painting say?

How can this melody be?

How can I choose to create things to inspire you

to be more, beyond yourself?

How can I move your soul

with some beautiful poetry?

“All the colors are within”

I’ll always say,

You just need a little Light

to see them

shining here.

- Facundo Raganato


Listen to "Rain of Colors Symphony" on Spotify, Itunes and Youtube.


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Facundo Raganato

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