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The Colors of Emotion

by Cindy Calder about a year ago in sad poetry
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I can feel it as I move and breathe

Colors of my awareness and my vision

Mix with the vibrancy of a reality that surrounds

And infuses me with a resounding mission.

Colors of yellow, red, blue, green, and black

Bombard my body, mind and soul

As I feel others emotions intrude and take root

Aiming and marking me as their goal.

In my unique and unusual state of being

I absorb reactive bursts of energy from others

Constantly trying to combat and deflect it

But, alas, it conquers as it blankets and smothers.

I feel your joy, your pain, your sorrow

Your tears, your anxiety, and your laughter

As I move about you like a beacon in the night

Seeking to summon strength evermore and hereafter.

A fear of absorbing too much so fast and so quickly

Of not understanding that which I feel

Or the onslaught of emotions that jumps and abounds

Amidst the undiversified longings of the poor and genteel.

Is it a gift you ask? I don’t precisely know

Sometimes I'm sure that it feels more akin to a curse

As it drains and tears at my soul without remorse

Always finding a resting place for the seemingly perverse.

Thus is the everyday pattern and existence for me

An awareness of others' emotions which I did not seek

It fills me with many vivid colors of fervor and intensity

Making my worldly imprint strange and ever unique.

sad poetry

About the author

Cindy Calder

From Charleston SC

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