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The Color Blue

by Sidney Smith 2 years ago in surreal poetry
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By Sidney Smith

The Color Blue
Photo by steffi harms on Unsplash

Blue wraps my skin

As I look up on the Earth’s sky

How I ponder it’s deception

Within my minds eye

Yet it’s a beautiful conception

One I love to partake upon

And when night falls

I stare into the great beyond

Darkness is just another shade of blue

Just another kind of hue

Where stars and galaxies of life

Reside and partake the great divine

The mysteries intertwined

And how I ponder them all

If there is life beyond this all

Is there life beyond us all?

Or are we only here

A creator looking down

Watching us with their eye

And when the rain falls

That is when they cry

When they see humanity

And it’s never ending animosity

As we continue to climb

Over top one another

To find

If there is other life

Outside of our brother

Yet we refuse to forgive

Our fathers




Blue is the color

That wraps my skin

And it wraps this beautiful world I’m living in.

surreal poetry

About the author

Sidney Smith

A picture tells a thousand words, and a thousand words can paint a beautiful picture.

I have been a writer all of my life. It has been like an anchor for me to release emotions, process ideas, and escape into a world of fantasy.

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