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The Cautionary Tale Of How We Care For Our Planet.

by Jason Ray Morton 7 months ago in social commentary · updated 3 months ago

Side Peace to My Wave Makers Challenge Entry

The Cautionary Tale Of How We Care For Our Planet.
Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

Our home is something that has for too long suffered,

when it is truly something to care for and protect.

Humanities reckless abandon has long gone unbuffered,

our home suffering, threatening our future, because of such neglect.

Walking through the valley of the shadow of what was

remembering all the things that we should have done.

Standing on the edge of what was waters so blue

there are no oceans left, not even just one.

We thought it couldn't happen, not to us anyway

and yet we should have known, we were warned, it could happen one day.

We grew and we grew, the numbers sky-rocketed higher,

we grew and consumed, leaving behind a world on fire.

Our ozone, or atmosphere, our air we couldn't breathe,

the governments, the businesses, the scientists finding a way to leave.

It started so small

the faults of us all.

We ultimately were responsible for,

because we caused our own fall.

Littering the oceans, burning fossil fuels forever,

forgetting that the future was our greatest endeavor.

We watched the weather change,

thinking it would all go on the same.

We wasted resources and studies like

it was all a foolish game.

Our world was in danger, our heads in the cloud

and none of us listened to scientists, screaming for change

and screaming it loud.

I walk along what was, dreaming about that which never changed.

The beaches, the forests, the oceans that were ours,

and we learned quickly, that none of those, would be a part of life on Mars.

This was our exit plan,

the continuity of man.

I wonder if they factored in that men don't change,

because they should have factored that into their grand escape plan.

We survived by leaving our world behind

and the earth died off, most of our ancestors' bodies we will never find.

If only I could not see, what our ignorances do hold

as our home becomes a fond remembrance, nothing left but stories told.

In light of the grand level of flooding in western Europe and the horrendous and out-of-control wildfires ravaging the western United States, please consider sharing this around the internet. The more we talk about what could happen, the more people may realize, the evidence is in front of us already.

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Jason Ray Morton

I have spent a life in uniform, adventuring through this muddled-up world as time passed. I've lived, loved, fallen on my face only to try again. Now, as I get older, my only regret was not writing it down. It's time to start.

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Jason Ray Morton
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