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by Debra Parsons 4 months ago in surreal poetry
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A Poem of Self

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


What you do,

You do to yourself.

You don’t have to.


Choose, or fly apart.

Is your sun dark?


Squint against it and keep moving.

You have a Savior.

Take His hand.

Do you know his name?

You’re immortal

But where will that immortality play out?

Hear the cracks?

Hear the groaning of a fading image?

Dreams don’t die with a bang.

They slowly fade into the dusk,

As night quickly approaches.

There’s pain in my body.

It’s bone deep.

Spurs have grown over time causing pressure cracks in the bone.

Causing tears in the marrow.

Snapping tendon and eating substance.

The pain is feeding something good.

You starved your demons,

But they grew stronger eating your resolve.

Feed the beast so it can produce.

You have keys.

Unlock the doors.

You know how you’re built.

Not everyone can navigate your darkness.

It’s yours.

Bred in.

Forced in.

Built by your own two hands.

You have a throne on rubble,

Built of broken glass.

Take a seat.

Blow off the dust in that place.

Take a seat and,

Rule your kingdom with a jagged tooth grin.

Let her emerge.

Allow her to speak.

Stop pretending.

Run wild.

Run free.

Open your eyes.

Point your finger.

It’s time for something.

Something they saw through you.

The Lord loves you but He knew.

He knew.

He knows.

A dark kiss was given to you.

A dark kiss that ate a piece of your soul.

Take a deep breath.

Exhale acid.

Breathe in what…what…

The past, the present, the wandering future?

Self-control was once yours.

Hold out your hand,

Now grasp it.

Make your own choices.

You owe no one an explanation.

Just Jesus.

He’ll hear you, but He knows.

You may love Him,

But obedience escapes you.

Blame rebellion.

Blame the fall.

But it’s really THE BUILD.


surreal poetry

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