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The Brotherly Love...

The Sisterly Love... I Feel This Morning!

By ©I.M. "That Girl," Inure MusePublished 4 years ago 1 min read

There's no love in this place anymore just fake news,

Tabloids, cock sucking with Altoids,

Brazzers, big-breasted bitches and bad sex;

replicated at home and taken out of context, without toys, no

nine-inch appendages or climax.

I hope you can forgive my forward nature and lewd syntax.

I'm trying to speak on facts

or maybe speak my mind and even get through to my humankind.

We need to change our ways.

This violence, this greed, sex and using people or we'll be stagnant

non-progressive (and in the same damn place)

It's time to stop making this thing about race.

And make it about the need to emancipate.

©I.M me



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About the Creator

©I.M. "That Girl," Inure Muse

Hi! I'm "That Girl Muse," author, artist, muse, poet, surrealist and spirit guide, who uses creativity as a means to heal the mind. Each poem's a lil' bit of Inure Muse's story @Find_the_muse & support my work. You can also book me online!

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