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was it really broken?

By MyriePublished about a month ago 1 min read

someone asked me if i knew you.


A Million of memories flashed through my mind but i just smiled and said i used to

My heart has been broken millions of times but i still pick myself up and move on with the heartbreak.

One midnight i stood up i couldn’t hold to the heartbreak i asked,

For brain loss, I am not saying, i don’t love some memories, its just the bad ones killing the best of them.

I couldn’t even remember the last time i felt like a human should be loved in the only holy books we all read.


Here is my question does love even exist on the real EARTH not social media where we all fake love for each other,

comment positive feedback to a post and the next week we all turn back at them. (some calls its cyber bullying "you all" )

I have been bullied mentally, so what should that be called!!

i have been a sad person since i was child lol, you surprised? tho i am still a child to some people who thinks they are older than i am.

when i have been facing humanity since i cried out of my mother's womb

which makes me feel her womb was the safest place for me, funniest part of it.

The more, i stay in my safe place, the more she gets "HURT".

I get to understand that "you have to hurt others to be happy"

Many people who thinks they are smarter than me "the Writer" could disagree with my words but i belt with you!!,



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