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The Book Cover Analogy; or “Why Page 1 is the Best Part of the Story”

Musings of an Outcast, Vol. I

By Orion J. ZedPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
The Book Cover Analogy; or “Why Page 1 is the Best Part of the Story”
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A bit of an abstract title, I know, but hear me out…

This is based on observations of my personal interactions over the past few decades, and what I’ve come to realise about my place in this amazing, highly dynamic society:


Me: Likes everyone; unfailingly kind and considerate to others; brings out the best in people, including strangers

Those Who Know Me: Like me; see the best in me; tend to use positive adjectives and attitude

Strangers (Type A): Dislike me; judge me by harsh criticisms based solely on my appearance (even if I clearly see or hear them); usually other humans

Strangers (Type 1): Like me; have an unexplainable sense of trust they may not otherwise feel for a stranger; often animals, especially birds of many kinds and pets who usually take a while to warm up to unfamiliar people


Funny how opening a book and turning to the first page is often the gateway to change your whole perspective beyond its cover, right?

The same is true with everyone around you: We are all stories, each and every one of us. Judging someone only at face value prevents you from reading their Page 1, thus missing the opportunity to discover a pretty amazing story.

Never judge a book by its face…

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Orion J. Zed

You’ve heard of the Many Worlds Theory? Well, Orion J. Zed has imagined hundreds of worlds in his creative endeavours, many of which are documented in some form.

He rarely refers to himself in the third person other than “About Me” sections.

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