The Boogeyman

by Fabiola Reyes 6 months ago in sad poetry


The Boogeyman

The first time I saw the boogeyman, I didn't realize who he was at first. You see, ever since we were little, we are taught that the boogeyman is the monster that hides under your bed, the one your parents call if you misbehave, the stranger you should not talk to on the street.

I never had a chance.

In the darkness of my room, I still fear saying his name; as if in somehow the mere act of saying it could invoke his presence.

Do you still not understand?

The boogeyman is the family friend, the smiling neighbor, the kind stepfather, the favorite cousin, the model sibling.

The boogeyman is not a monster. It's much worse. The boogeyman is human.

Sometimes at night I pray that this world understands that the "monsters" do not live outside, they live inside us.

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