The Blue Ocean and The Palm Tree

by Juan Manuel about a year ago in art

Running inside my mind, from side to side, and somewhere near the place I store the memories of her, a beach with a blue ocean and a palm tree, a bottle of rum, a towel, a beer, a pen, a blank paper, myself, and nothing else but imagination. I could’ve wrote anything but I decided to write about the future. What do you expect about it?.. Flying cars, robotic sex dolls, being slim with a pill and immortal with an injection?

What do you think about where the world is going with technology: Do you think we are going to be smart enough not to fall into their game, where we don’t become slaves.. but wait, it might be too late now.

Imagine a virtual world that you can access, meet your friends, family, go to work, have fun, sex, buy stuff.. would you like a world like that?.. Trying to hide the smile of your face behind that mask, don’t lie to yourself, I know you love this idea.

Greetings from the world of the future, where everything is possible and being safe, privacy and happiness are a well constructed illusion.

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Juan Manuel

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