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The Big Three


By BrettNotGregPublished 5 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read

Year One

I am the remnants of a terrible auto accident.

There is now some kind of bigger purpose.

I am looking for any excuse to dismiss thoughts of the future,

and there you are: A beacon of light shining on an otherwise shadowed surface.

The wheels are turning quickly; Too fast for either of us to tap on the brakes.

Control is out of the question, and just as things have taken off,

I can hear the screams and screeching tires from that very same terrible auto accident.

Year Two

I am the remnants of a failed connection.

As much as I'd love to blame you for my shortcomings this year, I have no one to blame but myself.

This was supposed to be the year it all came together, the year I moved on, the year I gained the strength to focus on something else aside from the mistakes I've made.

I have my own place, and I've never felt more independent.

That is until you showed up, and just as quickly as I let you in, I'm all too reminiscent of that failed connection.

Year Three

I am the remnants of an unhealthy cycle.

You now mostly exist as text messages, or a ball of electricity in my stomach, but you're still around.

Again, I'd like to blame you, but these are my decisions.

I truly believe I've gotten stronger, but any moment of weakness leads to me opening up that door again.

For now, I'm truly stuck in this vicious, unhealthy cycle.

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