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The Beauty of Spring


By Maham JamshedPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

In the crisp and gentle breeze,

The flowers sway with such ease,

Beneath the sky of vibrant blue,

The beauty of spring shines anew.

The trees are awash with green,

A sight like you've never seen,

Birds sing their songs with glee,

As nature's symphony is set free.

The air is filled with fragrant smells,

Of blossoms that in the sunshine swells,

From tulips to daffodils and more,

Nature's gifts that we adore.

As the sun warms the earth below,

The world awakens with a glow,

And we are reminded once again,

Of the beauty of spring and all its zen.

So let us take a moment to pause,

And admire the wonders without any cause,

For in this season we are blessed,

With nature's finest at its best.

sad poetry

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Maham Jamshed

I Am An SEO Expert, Content Writer And Blogger Who Has Lots Of Experience In The Field With A Lot Of Successes To Date.

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