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The Beauty Inside

Do you see it?

By Jaqueline GrenierPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

The Clouds are up high,

The Sky so blue.

Do you see it, The Beauty inside?

Mountainous regions that reach the heavens,

The Valleys deep into the earth.

Do you see it?

The Beauty Inside?

The grass, the dirt,

the creepers underneath that decompose the dust that once was us.

Do you see it,

The Beauty Inside?

The Rainforests, the jungles,

The mysteries of the past.

Do you see it,

The Beauty inside?

Bodies of water, the oceans of unknown wonder.

The Seas of treasure and the under blue

Do you see it,

The Beauty Inside?

Beauty is everywhere.

It is there. And here.

Is it inside your heart?

Yes, it is.

Your true beauty inside.

Inside your soul.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Jaqueline Grenier

I always felt like there were colours all around my head, I needed a way to put them down into paper. Brain going 1000 mi per second, I can put down my thoughts with ease. With several books on the horizon, my future seems bright again.

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