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The Awakening

Of a New Nation

The Awakening
photo by @steffaloo

Enlightenment seemed to illuminate her being

She gasped at the fact that

The world really is as dark as it seems

She dashed back to the darkness

The truth too frightening

But it was too late

It could never be unseen

Truth being

We've been brainwashed to believe that it is better to be stimulated

Than to be stimulating

So many lives with minds still sleeping

Sleeping on the fallacies of today's society

Focusing on the pretty lies

No one wanting to face the ugly truth

So consumed with knowing, but no one dares make a move

While the mass media continues to produce poison, imposing it on our youth

Replacing justice with blame

Instead of investing in the truth

Truth is

Capitalism has created a culture of I when the focus should be we

Divide and conquer is the main formula for profiting

We've bought into the lies without even noticing

Focusing on labels, gay or straight, black or white, ugly or pretty

Social constructs designed for the sake of a good economy

Placing dollar signs above our humanity

Nothing will change until we rearrange our mentality

Learning to celebrate our differences instead of separating

No one bothering to look at it logically

Truth is

Hate cannot dominate where there is more Love and Peace

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Destiny Revealed
Destiny Revealed
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Destiny Revealed

I am Love. I am what the world needs more of. I will not stop until you feel love. The love that lies within us all.

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