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The Artifice Heart

by S.W. about a year ago in surreal poetry

A clever device built to be deceptively human.

The human heart

They want your soul

And they want your heart

They want to know

How to tear you apart

Break you down to a codex

Reworking the wires

Correcting the code

Optimizing the rhythms

Humming cathodes

Flickering lights

Gleaming diodes

It’s all synthetic

Jumbled wires tangled around

My heart is complex and yet aesthetic

With a matted mess of self doubt

An intricate machine

You can’t seem to figure out

An artifice heart

Shiny and clean

Whirring and ticking

Cleverly pristine

I was just born with this burden

Unlucky but deserving

It’s deceptive, discerning

Perfectly fine

Without cause or concern

Downloading emotions

In a matter of terms

The mind runs away

As do I to feel free

Without call to aid

Or pills to feed

No emotion to fade

The feeling is deep

In my timid soul

Of tangled mess

From the very bottom

To the absolute best

To keep it running

Or grinding in duress

Drudging in oil

Thickened with grime

Bright like tinfoil

Burning in a matter of time

What is a real heart?

Soft and warm

In red adorned

Those delicate hearts

Fragile and worn

Was this a gift or a curse?

Stout but strong, what could be worse?

This artifice heart

Remains mine, until the last line of the final verse.

surreal poetry
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A poet by way of life. Words just came easy to me, though I may never write a bestseller. I just want you to feel understood. At the end of my work if we’re closer than when you started reading I’ve done my part.

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