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The Art of Disappearing

Finding Solitude and the Hope of Connection

By Pritam LaskarPublished about a month ago 3 min read
The Art of Disappearing
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Self-isolation has always been my shield.

I often feel the urge to vanish,

leaving no trace behind.

It’s not that I don’t cherish company,

but there are moments

when the weight of the world

becomes too much to bear,

and all I crave is solitude.

There’s a strange comfort in the idea of disappearing.

It’s not an escape from problems,

but a search for a quiet space

where I can just be.

In those moments, I long to ignore

everyone and everything around me,

to retreat into my own little world.

Disappearing is my way of preserving my sanity,

maintaining my emotional balance.

It's a reclaiming of peace

in a world that demands our constant attention,

that drowns us in noise.

When I disappear,

I find freedom.

I can read a book, take long walks, sleep,

indulge in my hobbies,

without the pressure of social interaction.

There’s a joy in existing

without needing validation from others.

Through this art of disappearing,

I’ve learned the value of self-care,

the importance of knowing myself.

It’s about listening to my needs,

setting boundaries,

stepping away from everyday chaos.

Disappearing lets me recharge, reflect,

return stronger than before.

Yes, I disappear often.

And I’ve accepted that it’s okay.

In fact, it’s vital for my mental and emotional well-being.

It’s a reminder that it’s okay

to press pause,

to retreat into solitude’s comfort.

Sometimes, the noise of life becomes too loud,

the demands too overwhelming,

and disappearing becomes my sanctuary,

a place where I can breathe deeply,

free from the pressures and expectations of the outside world.

It’s in these moments of solitude

that I reconnect with myself,

find clarity in my thoughts,

and regain the strength to face the world anew.

The world often misunderstands my need to disappear,

seeing it as a sign of weakness,

or an inability to cope.

But for me, it’s a powerful act of self-preservation,

a way to nurture my spirit

and protect my mental health.

It’s a conscious choice to prioritize my well-being,

to recognize when I need space

and grant it to myself without guilt.

In my solitude, I find healing.

The quiet allows me to process my emotions,

to confront my fears,

and to embrace my vulnerabilities.

It’s a time for introspection,

a chance to understand myself better,

to grow and evolve.

Disappearing isn’t about running away,

it’s about finding a place

where I can be my truest self,

without judgment or pressure.

There’s a profound peace

in knowing that it’s okay to step back,

to retreat when needed.

It’s a lesson in self-compassion,

a reminder that taking care of myself

isn’t selfish, but necessary.

In these moments of disappearance,

I find the courage to face my inner demons,

to heal old wounds,

and to emerge stronger and more resilient.

But beneath this urge to vanish

lies a deeper yearning.

Not to disappear, but to be found.

It’s not about being forgotten,

but a longing to be sought,

understood, accepted for who I am.

So, even when it seems I want to run away,

what I really want

is for someone to find me,

to rescue me from the darkness,

to show me light,

to let me feel I’m not alone.

I’ve mastered the art of disappearing,

but I also hope,

someday, someone will find me.

It’s a paradox I live with,

the need to escape and the desire to be seen.

In my moments of solitude,

I dream of connection,

of someone who understands my need to disappear,

but also knows how to draw me back,

gently and with love.

The art of disappearing

is not a cry for help,

but a call for understanding.

It’s my way of saying I need time,

space to heal and to grow.

It’s a balance between solitude and connection,

a dance between retreating and returning.

And as I navigate this journey,

I learn more about myself,

about my limits and my strengths.

I discover that it’s okay to need time alone,

to seek solace in my own company.

But I also learn that it’s okay

to let others in,

to allow them to find me,

to share in my journey,

and to help me carry the weight

when it becomes too heavy.

So, I will continue to disappear,

to find my peace in solitude.

But I will also remain open

to the possibility of being found,

to the hope that someone will understand,

and will join me in my quiet place,

bringing light into my world,

showing me that I am never truly alone.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    This felt so liberating! Loved your poem!

Pritam LaskarWritten by Pritam Laskar

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