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The Answer is "Antidepressants"

A Poem

By Brynne NelsonPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read
Top Story - December 2022

I dreamt of cucumberous folks

Who referred to each other as “blokes.”

Yes British cucumbers,

A townful I numbered.

Such creative thoughts sleeping can coax!

Yet, weirder it quickly became:

The ‘cumbers’ relations I blame.

These pickled cowboys

Rode on crackers for joys.

Not to tell the tale would be a shame.

So cousins, both pickled and non,

Ran ‘round in my head ‘til the dawn.

I woke with a grin;

Such a dream has no twin!

What a sleep! Now, what drugs was I on?

surreal poetry

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Brynne Nelson

I'm a writer. I'm a wife and a mom. I'm a human.

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Comments (11)

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  • Mokshaabout a year ago

    This unique and imaginative work paints a whimsical picture of a dream world populated by British cucumbers who refer to each other as "blokes." The poem takes a surreal turn as the author imagines pickled cowboys riding crackers, showcasing the poet's playful creativity. The poem ends with a tongue-in-cheek musing about what could have inspired such a dream, making for a charming and entertaining read. The author's vivid use of language and imaginative storytelling make this poem a joy to experience.

  • Emily Dickersonabout a year ago

    Fantastic and hilarious. Was not sure what to expect at all but I thoroughly enjoyed this

  • Doc Sherwoodabout a year ago

    Any poem that exploits the rhyming potential of the word "cucumberous" gets my vote!

  • Thayrileabout a year ago

    Nice 😊

  • MA Snellabout a year ago

    I don't like a whole lot of poetry, and I LOVED this. Thanks for the pickle chuckles.

  • Manpreet Singh Bhinderabout a year ago

    Good one.

  • Andrei Z.about a year ago

    Cipollino's universe got expanded :-D

  • J. R. Loweabout a year ago

    Hahah this is great. Gave me a good laugh - abstract, creative and fun to read 😂

  • This comment has been deleted

  • Jessabout a year ago

    A wonderful poem and the illustration to boot!

  • Brenton Fabout a year ago

    Not sure where this was headed but it was a fun ride!

  • Crystal A. Wolfeabout a year ago

    As a chic on Prozac, I respect the cucumbers. Some days, I feel like a few chopped tomatoes and servings of feta cheese away from an awesome Greek Salad. 😆

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