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The Adversary: Hans

Lethal Dose - #2

By House September Published 20 days ago 1 min read
The Adversary: Hans
Photo by Noah Windler on Unsplash

I am little bit in disbelieve,

Am I alive or am I dead?

I am aware enough to see no pillars beneath me,

Perhaps this is purgatory?


A transcendence it is, my body is no longer an issue to be reconciled with.

I have surpassed the wisdom in the suffering.

I no longer grasp with fists but rather my path will be eternal. I see that now.

I will burn brighter than the sun that kept me foolishly seeking my own shadow.


What is the truth of nature here?

I can’t bleed nor need nutrients, but I still feel a “purpose.”

I must be on the spiritual spectrum.

My mind is expanding, yet it has a void to fill.


My flesh and bones must be mourning, wilting in a grave, but the soul is not.

The best explanation is to compare it to a sip of lemonade mixed with whiskey.

Or to say my soul feels like a breath of the wind given to leaves of a cypress tree.

I have no feet nor eyes, but rather, I have become a compass.


If my past does not provide context to this new world,

then I must be lost.

Yet, I can see the faintest dirt road appear beneath me.

I am liberated – but I am now seeking . . .


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About the Creator

House September

We’ll play with each other’s broken hearts. Let us exchange our pieces like trading cards.

I’m too bored to notice, and you are too high to notice the air beneath your feet.

I have poems to share.

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  • Esala Gunathilake20 days ago

    You've nicely done it.

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