The 80's

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The 80's
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Living in the 80’s

What a joy,

It was so much fun

I was a tomboy.

Fluro clothes,

Lycra and leg warmers,

While on tv

Were the transformers.

Big hair was a must

Acid wash jeans,

Models wore them

In magazines.

Denim mini skirts

As short as can be

I’m sure, you will all agree.

Roller skating

At the roller disco

Dancing while you skate,

Feeling like a hero.

Playing Atari with friends

Having such a good time,

Don’t want it to end.

Water ring toss

Is a favourite of mine?

Not for sale anymore

There hard to find.

Recording songs

From the radio,

While watching

Our favourite tv show.

VHS and tape cassette’s

Dancing to music,

In my sweats.

Playing SIMON,

With colours so bright.

Simple Simon was always right.

Being cool, was having NIKE’S

If you had them, you’d be liked.

Bananarama and Madonna

Lead the way

In the music genre.

Safe we felt even at night,

Mum always said,

Come home, when you see,

the streetlight.

Riding bikes to friends’ houses,

In little groups, we road like mouses.

The 80’s kids are a strong breed,

We are as strong as a stampede

Janelle barker
Janelle barker
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