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“That sign said FOR COLORED”

by That’s Avi Queen about a year ago in inspirational
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Well ,What color?

“That sign said FOR COLORED”
Photo by Sharon Pittaway on Unsplash

What color did they mean?

You see, My hair is red but my dress is green,


Colored it said

Oh ,I know!

Like this pink pen which I hold in my hand as I question this vague yet undermining declaration.

Or is it a question,

Just missing the mark?

Maybe they’d hoped amongst the colored would be none as smart?

I’m pretty sure my boots are brown,

Like the skin I’m in,

That gleams when the sun beams down.

Who wrote this?

I demand to know!

So I call up my brother Willie and ask him if he’d seen any colored folks.

His skin is pale and unlike me he doesn’t have a wide nose

But am I colored or is he

We both must know.

It’s funny ,

I conclude in a small side note.

Whoever wrote this ,

I take them for a joke.

Signs like these could cause anybody

With a heart to plea, grab a group, more signs, then go out and march, then decree

Hear ye, hear ye

Give the mic to me!

Bad enough we judge one another without the colored themes.

One small fact should set the record straight,

Mine is the same color that flows through EVERYONE’S VEINS!!!

-Avi Queen(Brandi D. Watts)


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