Thank You

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Thank You
Photo by Andrew Arnett (2018)

It was a long wait. there was a hiatus. we had a

formatting problem. is that correct?

it certainly is. but that has been resolved.

we are back on line. we are tapped into the code.

we are receiving messages from overboard. we are

digging deeper than we had done before and

before we did that.

we are digging deeper still.

into the word mountain the solid granite word

rock we are standing on. we are soul mining (to borrow a phrase)

we are chiseling the word stone.

you see her, words that resemble rocks and pebbles

pebbles of the mind

boulders from the soul.

there may be gems here don’t be dismissive.

there may very well be jewels right here on this page.

do you only believe in the jewels you drape around

your neck? what good are those things, in

the end? are they so valuable or maybe just

dead weight. I don’t know. I don’t want to be

dismissive but let’s look at this - letters from an alphabet.

thoughts from the inside out.

a gift of gold from me to me. thank me.

then you.

Andrew Arnett
Andrew Arnett
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