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Tastebud Tango

A Dedication to Underrated Greens

By MegPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Tastebud Tango
Photo by Thomas Rehehäuser on Unsplash

Little trees cover my plate,

An entrance to a tastebud tango.

The siesta starts with a citrus spice,

Springs of fresh cilantro.

Spinach follows in step behind,

With a bitter swirl over the tongue.

Another bite reveals arugula

With surprising crunch and tang.

In the last steps mint steals the show

Cooling the flavor floor.

An aromatic dance to savor,

Green’s the color I hunger for.


Thanks for reading :) Go enjoy some fresh leafy greens!

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I'm here to explore the depth of human experience and to stop procrastinating my passion.

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  • Andrei Z.2 months ago

    Now La Cumparsita is playing in my head :D Who's underrating the greens? How dare they?

  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Fantastic poem! Enjoyed!

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