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Tale of a Shooting Star

by Mallory Wynne 3 years ago in nature poetry
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i want to move to the milky way

up there the moon is

always full

and the stars are

always awake

cause stars

have big dreams

but even brighter realities

i’ll make friends with

the cosmos

and find my own


the big dipper will be

my neighbor

i’ll send his autograph back

to mom and dad

i know up there

sometimes i’ll forget

how it feels to

b r e a t h e

stardust can be

so intoxicating

but then

won’t i learn

to appreciate


when this star burns out

like they always do

i won’t be sad when i

move back to earth

cause i’ll know how it feels

to live in zero gravity

with nothing and no one

to hold me back

not even the fear of








nature poetry

About the author

Mallory Wynne

@mallorymwynne on IG

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