Taffy Was A Coal Miner

by marie381uk 5 months ago in vintage

Working the coal

Taffy Was A Coal Miner

Taffy was a coal miner, dedicated to the pit

He worked from being ten years old

He loved his job and never once regretted it

Lots of young ones would come and go

Taffy was in a post that he liked so

With his snap tin and his tobacco

He would help anyone that he could

From being little, he wanted to be a coal miner

His family always told him that, one day he would

He worked tunnels so dimly lit,

On his day off he sang songs about it

Dedicated to his dirty underground job

Working like an earthworm for just a few bob

When he had to retire, he didn't want to

Leaving the job he loved made him feel so blue

Taffy was a miner, all his life he worked the pit

Only memories now and a broken heart

Of a job he loved right from the very start

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