Sylvester the Firebeard

by Tyler Hall 2 months ago in vintage

A Dreaded Tale of Piracy.

Sylvester the Firebeard

Many centuries ago once lived a pirate ,

Known for being cruel, vicious, and irate.

Though he was unkempt and uncouth ,

He kept his enemies confused and aloof.

Many had searched the open sea ,

In their hunt as to where he could be.

On seas well-traveled were none more hated and feared ,

Than the dreaded Sylvester the Firebeard.

Given a name meant for his beard, bright red,

Whom who had seen him would be soon dead.

Often times he plundered for treasure,

And would sometimes murder for pleasure.

It was not before long his thirst for blood and lust ,

Sealed Sylvester’s fate by the mighty and just.

Enamored with horrible greed,

He soon met the flotilla following his lead!

Whom followed Sylvester in hot pursuit,

To recover his freshly stolen loot!

Come heroes and sailors to thwart the one feared ,

Known as the dangerous Sylvester the Firebeard.

Flintlocks fired and cannons erupted terrible blasts.,

Destroying Sylvester’s ship; toppling its masts.

Raging fires brought forth thick, black smoke,

Causing Sylvester and his crew to choke.

The deranged captain nonetheless vowed,

Hollering this proclamation aloud:

“Whomever climb aboard,

Shall meet their end by my sword! "

"Any poor soul whom dare to set foot on my ship ,

Will be shot from the pistol slung from my hip!”

Sylvester and his crew continued to fight ,

Into the evening starlit skies amid a moonlit night.

Before too long, heroic brave sailors could attest ,

Sylvester the Firebeard was now under arrest.

First came his trial, then his time to die ,

By the hangman’s noose hung high.

With a swift death, the priests could tell ,

Sylvester’s soul went straight to Hell.

As for his body, it was left to drench ,

In the crushing pitch black depths of an ocean trench.

Legends speak of Sylvester’s corpse being taken,

Into the bowels of a hungry kraken.

The ocean is now safe from the man once feared ,

A pirate formally known as Sylvester the Firebeard

Tyler Hall
Tyler Hall
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