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Swing Season

by Jeremy L. Hamilton 23 days ago in surreal poetry / nature poetry

A little place I like to go to clear my mind and find my soul.

Swing Season
Photo by Megan Nixon on Unsplash

The chains continued to sway

as the pair left the swings

in their residual motion

and attached to the poles

that anchored them to the earth

they stayed never minding the retreat

abandoned countless times before.

And through the night

their hinges whisper

secrets of the day

waiting there dutifully

dawn’s chorus starts to play.

The wind will move them once again.

The rain will rust then from within.

The cold will freeze them as if ice.

The night will see them still as mice.

The Spring will melt them in the thaw.

The sun will burn them after all.

And when it’s time to swing again

the pair will leave them in the wind.

surreal poetrynature poetry

Jeremy L. Hamilton

Aspiring Writer, Photographer, and Artist.

When I was little I wanted to be a Writer.

Now I’m big so I’ll give it a solid effort.

Thanks Vocal+ for providing

a Wonderful platform to make it a Reality.

Let’s Write!

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Jeremy L. Hamilton
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