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Sweet Sigyn

by Alixzandra Wiseman 2 months ago in surreal poetry

I have been inspired by Loki of late to write about his wife Sigyn.

Sweet Sigyn
Photo by Cullan Smith on Unsplash

He held his hands outstretched before him , open palms facing up towards the sky of northern lights. There upon his palms danced a flame , it was small, delicate and elegant yet utterly safe upon his tender open hands.

A flame that shifted from the flickering light of a naked candle light, changing to the face of his love which he kept safe so long ago, but now a a memory safely locked in his heart, but there her face appeared within the flame of his hands.

For all are gifted love from this deity , yet few have a true place in his heart . But she, sweet Sigyn, is always locked deep within the heart of this flame bird. She was his sweetest goddess of mortal born elegance , he taught her to control the flame like he could, but even the cruellest punishment to his heart that she could ever give was for him to know she had abandoned his gift of control flames and that she allowed the flames of that burning barn to consume her mortal form.

Sigyn was his sweetest mortal born love , his wife, his queen, the goddess he wished he could of allowed her to become, yet he still grieves for her. She will be reborn in time and he will reunite with her , the one flame that is still unreachable for this god of flames .

His ever loved and ever loving, sweet Sigyn.

surreal poetry
Alixzandra Wiseman
Alixzandra Wiseman
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Alixzandra Wiseman
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