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Suspicious? ("Found Poem")

by Raven Diamond 8 days ago in surreal poetry

A short poem

For those who are not familiar with "Found Poems" they are created by finding some form of literature and using the words on one of it's pages in order to make a poem. You circle words you like (or letters) and/or cross out the ones you don't want. This poem and it's title was found using the book The Rainmaker page 274.


What was he supposed to do today?

Who was he supposed to see?

Who talked to him last?

The atmosphere of panic

An air of confusion

Alleviated least by incessant bawling

Something has gone wrong

We silently lock our doors

Talk aimlessly for awhile


We don't want to be overheard

We will never set foot in the place again.

surreal poetry

Raven Diamond

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Raven Diamond
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