Sun and Moon

Yin and Yang

Sun and Moon
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Light and darkness in a constant battle over man kind, over the earth.

Sun and Moon, power over electricity, power over water.

Egyptian God of the Sun Ra.

Egyptian God of the Moon Thoth.

The bible said let there be light and there was light, the bible also said light was separated from the dark. The light was called day and the dark called night.

It is a constant battle over the earth.

A Yin and Yang.

It's black and white wolf fighting relentlessly over land.

The darkness has things to hide, wondrous critters, await in the shadows.

The day time has nothing to hide, it shows all that the eye can allow ones self to see.

Life is wonderful, filled with excitement, sadness, anger and loss,

Keep an open mind and you will not miss a thing.

Light and Dark, Sun and Moon have great things to tell if you just to listen.

Sun and Moon have so much beauty that is worth enjoying, and breathing in.

Light and Dark

Sun and Moon.

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Dragon Matthew Wood - Hillman
Dragon Matthew Wood - Hillman
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