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Summer is a Catch-All

by AlexisB about a year ago in heartbreak
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Spring would not be denied

Summer is a Catch-All
Photo by Beckett Ruiz on Unsplash

Summer is a catch-all, through slit we writhe and slide,

Fresh gossamer is gloss for her, who cares less how we tried

To brandish velvet colours true, flit glorious and glide

the risen air, bright prisms shared without a thought to hide

That which we've kept dark too long, too quick is scorched and dyed

In shelters frail and toxic pail till little's left unfried.

Summer is a catch-all, Spring would not be denied,

But Fall won't be a patch-all with you here by my side.

As Winter glowers unbeckoned we'll bear our wounds with pride,

We will not waste a second more on tears as yet uncried.

Summer is a catch-all, Spring will not us divide,

True colours hatched we'll soar new matched on wings stretched strong and wide.


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Mother, lover, educator, escapee. Obsessed with finding ease in relationships, health, wellbeing and the juggling of life. @alexisbehrend.

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