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Summer died.

by Simi 4 months ago in sad poetry


Summer died.
Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas on Unsplash

Summer died and began to rot with some maggots on its prey

I was home and locked in, with a fabric on my face

I could see the glistening sky with red berries on hot days

He was afar miles away, I couldn’t reach him in the race


Long days flowery dresses but we dared not go out to play

They were taking their last breaths, with some oxygen as an aid

Sparse streets and no life on a glorious summer day

So I begged the numbing winter, it’ll be better to invade


Glasses of wine in my nude painting the beauty of the lake

I abstract my summer and pretend, I enjoy its useless stay

the bright sun was a waste and so I forced myself to bake

But even the brightness and the sweetness, could not stop a gloomy day


Summer died but it might come back, this year we dare to pray

But the holes the maggots left behind, we can never wash away.

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