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Summer Days

A poem

By LillyPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
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In the sweltering heat of summer’s reign,

I find solace on a holiday plain.

Beneath the sun’s relentless golden blaze,

I sit and ponder, lost in its fiery haze.


A symphony of cicadas fills the air,

their rhythmic chorus serenades my chair.

The gentle hum of lazy, hazy days,

lulls my senses into a dreamlike haze.


A canopy of blue

stretched wide and vast,

embraces me as moments slowly drift past.

The sun, an artist, paints the world in light,

caressing my skin with warmth and delight.


I watch as palm trees dance in sultry breeze,

their graceful sway a natural tease.

Their fronds like emerald brushes, paint the sky,

as if in harmony with nature’s lullaby.


A distant shore, where turquoise waves collide,

invites me to escape, to let my worries slide.

But I choose to stay, to savor summer’s grace,

to find tranquility in this sun-kissed space.


As sweat trickles down, a cooling touch,

I find respite in the stillness, ever clutch.

For in this quietude, I find a serene retreat,

where time slows down and life feels complete.


The heat becomes my muse, igniting thought,

and from within, inspiration is brought.

Words flow like rivulets, dancing in my mind,

as summer’s warmth unwinds, unconfined.


So, I sit and embrace the heat’s gentle caress,

in this holiday oasis, where worries suppress.

For in the heat of summer, I find my release,

a moment’s respite, a poetic masterpiece.

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  • Denise Larkin10 months ago

    Beautiful words.

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