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by Bailey Thornton 2 years ago in slam poetry
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just wonder about me, please?

I’m struggling,

More than I’ll ever let on.

Please do not hesitate

To do me a solid,

And just send a quick text to my phone.

Ask if I’m alright, If I’ve eaten, or washed my hair..

Just ask about my day please darling,

That’s all I will ever ask.

Even if you don’t care,

It helps me to relax..

I’d like to think it was sincere,

But I understand the issue.

You’re broken to, just like me

“Hey, what did you do to get through?”

I got the coldest shoulder,

Never in my nightmares

Did I think one day id be right here,

Begging someone to just be there.

I need a favor,

A small one please..

Could you ask me every now and then,

if I've had any rest,

or anything to eat…


slam poetry

About the author

Bailey Thornton

I’m a lone mommy of a handsome boy. & a full time advocate for anybody who can admit they need an advocate sometimes.. I don’t call my writings poetry, because it’s honestly just thoughts.

Thoughts that just happen to rhyme sometimes..

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