Struggle Not

A Shakespearean Sonnet about Calm Persistence

Struggle Not

Still winged soft my feather flock o' kin.

Can damp wet wing so beat in equal force?

Say Nay! and gently kiss your own chagrin

On nape or breast; to still stay true the course.

Fly South, though not to run. When vigor grips

your heart, let passion break your bone and mind.

Become the anchor holding fast the ships

in storm as waves of doubt would leave you blind.

But Icarus, I warn, be careful not

to snuff the flame with intensity's grit.

Rhythmic beats that occur without a thought;

an unconscious mind feels no need to quit.

So bide your time and wait, my little Jay,

and hurry not; tomorrow or today.

nature poetry
Spencer Barrett
Spencer Barrett
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Spencer Barrett

A 29 year old Fine Arts graduate with a career in hospitality, Spencer is a hobbyist Author, Poet, Streamer, GameDev, Artist and creator in many mediums, with a guilty spot for animated cinematic movies.

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