by Obi Abassi 2 months ago in art

A relationship with music


Guitar strings make my fingers bleed

All of these riffs and taps is all I need

Heed with steed noblemen of free

These might be the last strings to make me bleed

Hope played on strings that don’t seem to ring

Out right, night terrors come in the night,

Blinded by the unwavering light

that binds me so tight

No way to escape this fright

The ringing in my ears gives me so much fear

To what I hold dear as I try to see it all clear.

The notes that I hear seem to drift far and near

When I play them as they bring me to tears

But like all things this is a sure thing

I floated to the outer ring of Atlantis

And in this place that's where I saw phantoms

Dismantling good sons and bad ones,

Torturing each other like bullets of a magnum

Guitar strings make my fingers bleed

I take heed but ride no steed

For I am not worthy of such beauty.

The truth is I walk this lonely road, gloomy

No place to go, no place to call my home

I walk in purgatory, the phantom zone

But it's okay, for I do not walk alone.

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