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Sticks and Stones

by Bailey Thornton 9 months ago in surreal poetry

Woah, I just wrote about the future.

Sticks and Stones
Photo by Bud Helisson on Unsplash

Gotta shield my soul so when shots are next taken

I'll be safe and sound, and next time I won't drown

Can't keep allowing these sticks and stones to break me

Can't allow the demons to to shake me

I've been lost, I've been found

but it seems my only true peace

has been when nobody else is around

Alone in the universe

one day it won't matter

how much I've been hurt

one day it won't be hard

to write down these thoughtful words

my soul is so ready

to officially stop dreading


to achieve this goal

there's only a few ways I know

to finally not be affected by

these damned sticks and stones

that don't break my bones

and really just know

that my soul is my shell

my safe place, my home

my home away from Hell

surreal poetry

Bailey Thornton

I’m a lone mommy of a handsome boy. & a full time advocate for anybody who can admit they need an advocate sometimes.. I don’t call my writings poetry, because it’s honestly just thoughts.

Thoughts that just happen to rhyme sometimes..

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Bailey Thornton
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