By: Anthony Ferreira


Pushin’ foreign cars, I’m a certified star

When my pockets extra fat and my name is real large.

Women throwin’ Bras under rain of heavy liquor,

Fine lookin’ breed, no blemish nor blisters.

Ladies comin’ straight outta TV’s and magazines.

Goddess type physique, you would’ve thought you was sleep.

Everyday’s a dream when you making Cream, I wanna live a life of adventure like in the movies.

Chillin’ in jacuzzis, rippin’ off her two piece

Got her in the cow-girl, she ain’t even my girl.

Flying first class, sippin’ goose, counting cash. Lookin’ real drippy like I came out of a bath.

Ownin’ several pads, cop an island I’m really styling,

Big bucks make a different type of lunch.

The public says I’m wallin’, “He doing too much,”

Why ya riding my dick man, I’m livin’ It up!

Cause the future isn’t promised, the light holds some darkness.

I wanna make a mill after makin’ record Deals.

I’m livin’ in the Stu till the day I end up killed. And pussy comes later as of now I’m eatin’ Now or Laters!

God bless to all the haters talkin’ Shit, I know I’m started raw, but the heat is comin quick. I know I got some flaws, but at least I am legit. You claiming you the boss, but there’s levels to this shit,

Niggas settle when they rich with limited accomplishments.

Stars say goodbye when they bigger than the other guys. I can stay an underground till the day I die.

If there’s green in my jeans I’m a happy guy.

Fuck the lean, smoke some trees, I’m at ease.Patience is the key and I’ve opened up eternity.

God willing I can spit after 23, be the person that the world never thought they’d see.

Don’t get it twisted not a rapper but an emcee,

I used to go by “Apex”, Napoleon type of complex.

Now I’m known as Tone or the Phantom of the Microphone, niggas sayin’ I won’t win cause my style old.

I don’t care about no comments they all nonsense,

Feeding off their energy ain’t making me no profit.

So for now I’mma rock till my shine stop,

Issa bop I can hear it through your AirPods.

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Anthony Ferreira
Anthony Ferreira
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